Aims and Goals


Here is an overview of the aims and goals, of the Eyabantwana – For the Children’s Trust

1)      Establish a surgical Skills Laboratory

There is a need for the development of a surgical skills laboratory to assist in the training of both pediatric and other surgical disciplines in aspects of surgical technique and the principles of invasive surgery.

2)      Funding an Annual Visiting Professorship

The Visiting Professor will be invited from a local or international centre of excellence and can be an acknowledged world authority. The goal is that the visiting professor will, during a two week visit, work alongside our staff, will lecture, mentor, and act as a trainer to our trainees. In addition, visiting professors will share their experience during surgical procedures and will advise on complex clinical problems during ward rounds and discussions.

This visit will coincide with an annual south African Pediatric Surgical Meeting to allow the Visiting Professor to meet with the broader South African Pediatric Surgical community, and so bring benefit to this wider audience.

3)      Fund an Annual Travelling Fellowship

The intention of the fellowship is to cover the costs of sending one of our juior consultants or senior trainees, to a centre of excellence abroad to improve their skills and broaden their experience, and so to enhance the service we provide in East London.

Fellowships and International training exchanges are an important part of the training experience at most established South African universities, and we too plan to make this an integral part of our Surgical Training Program.

4)      Funding for Professional Development and Staff Support

Skills Development and staff training of all categories of staff in the operating theatres, wards and ICU’s, is essential to allow us to provide the highest level of care for our patients.

5)      Outreach: Peripheral Hospital Support

Regular outreach clinics at peripheral hospitals in the Eastern Cape

Naming Rights

The Eyabantwana Trust wishes to negotiate naming rights with bodies who support aspects of our work such as the Surgical Skills Laboratory, The Visiting Professorship, and the Travelling Fellowship.

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