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Day 1 of the Second Rob Burton Memorial Ride – 6 Dec 2016.

The Route:

East London to Middelburg, via Queenstown and Steynsburg.

Highlights of the day:

Everybody arrived at Beacon Bay Motors at 4.30 am. Goods were packed and reorganized, bike trailers and racks checked until everything was in order.  At 5.15 Dr Lazarus made a small speech, explaining what the Rob Burton Memorial Ride is all about and paid tribute to Rob Burton and Arthur Salzwedel.  Then Navy Chaplain, Stef Davi lead in prayer and Ann Berlyn set us on the road.

A lot of local cyclists had come to see us off and rode with us to the Merrifield circle, from where the Navy continued, while the other teams got into their support vehicles to drive to their respective starting points.

After a nice break at Queenstown Caltex, the Airforce started their 3rd leg after Queenstown and the other teams also did their last leg of the day.

The weather was very hot and there was a headwind all the way from East London to Middelburg, where we arrived around 4.30 pm.  It was a tough ride, but we all made it.

If you want to see more pictures of the Ride, please click here.


The route of the day.


Colin Lazarus and Ann Berlyn, just before the start.


There was a good turnout of local cyclists.




Grandads Army ready to ride.

Grandads Army with the local cyclists.

Grandads Army with the local cyclists.


The Airforce on their first leg of the day.



A band of brothers, the young Salzwedels.


The Army on their way to Queenstown.

The Army on their way to Queenstown.

The Navy with Koffiebus and Teebus in the background.

The Navy with Koffiebus and Teebus in the background.


Colin riding against the wind.


The catering team coming to support the cyclists.

 Personal highlights of the day.

Wayne Salzwedel, 2nd lieutenant, Airforce

We say the Wing Commander almost became past on the road! Had a wonderful time in the wind (& 3 drops of rain)

Andrew Langtree, Group Captain, Airforce

A long day at the office.  All about the headwind and the heat, but we all made it!!

Jim Armstrong, Rear Admiral, Navy

Navy all at sea today.  Heavy swells and white horses with the headwinds, running right over the bridge.

Rodney Offord, Wing Commander, Navy

The Wing Commander was moved from the Airforce (last year) to the Navy this year, and so is now operating an Aircraft Carrier.  Today was certainly not “plane sailing”.  The wind and the temperature got the better of us and we needed a tug (support vehicle) to give us a drag (draft) for the last 8 km.

Norrie Gibson, Stretcher Bearer, Army

Day 1 in the army – an amazing experience of camaraderie and physical challenge, made more severe by heat and wind, but we overcame and are enjoying a well-deserved rest, oh yes!  A few punctures and a minor tumble.

Gwyn Bassingthwaite, Very Private Bas, Army

Great camaraderie,… except when riding into a 35 km bergwind. Lovely day, deserves a good rest. Above all – the most important thing – we are here!!

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