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Day 3 of the Second Rob Burton Memorial Ride – 8 Dec 2016

The Route:

Willowmore to Barrydale, via De Rust, Oudtshoorn and the Huisrivier Pass.

Highlights of the day:

The day started again with an early start, almost without incident, but then the Airforce forgot to take a turn-off to get to the start of their first leg, so started later than planned.

The cycle to De Rust and from Oudtshoorn went unremarkable and everybody gathered at the bottom of the Huisrivier Pass. After a photoshoot with all members of Grandads Army for Powerade, one of the sponsors, everybody started up the west side of the pass.  This was the only “race” of the Rob Burton Memorial Ride.  The prize is the beautifully handcrafted (by Rodney Offord) Arthur Salzwedel King of the Mountain Challenge trophy. This floating trophy is to honour Arthur, who passed away in a cycling accident earlier this year, and was the first one on top last year.  Mike and Wayne, 2 of his sons, who are doing the Ride got to the top first, together, in 33 min and then, in true Arthur style, rode down to fetch Stephen, the 3rd brother who is doing the ride.

After celebrating that everybody, but one of Grandads Army, reached the top, we continued on to Barrydale and to a viewpoint in the beautiful Tradouw Pass.

If you want to see more pictures of the Ride, please click here.

The route

The route

Personal highlights of the day.

Gerals Berlyn, Quarts Master, Airforce

Due to the GPS constellation being under maintenance, the Airforce was temporarily uncertain of its position, which compromised leg 1 of today. We rode the Huisrivier Pass and Mike and Wayne Salzwedel were joint winners of the Arthur Salzwedel, “King of the Mountain” Trophy.  Quarts Master Gerald had a chain failure during leg 3 and bailed.  Gerald was privileged to ride Arthur’s bike up & down the Tradouw Pass

Andrew Liddle, Airforce

Leg one we did 12 km instead of 30 because we got lost.

Leg 2 was great with top speeds of over 90 km an hour down an incredible hill.  So much fun.

Leg 3 was a nightmare with hills and bad headwind.  Beautiful views today and the Huisrivier Pass was quite an experience – nothing like that in East London.

Jim Armstrong, Rear Admiral ,and Stef Davi, Navy Chaplain, Navy

It was a majestic day of high drama. The Huisrivier Pass loomed big on the horizon and the ambient air temperature rocketed into the mid FORTIES! Salty brothers were first to crest the top, just to make their old man proud.  He did the same last year. With names like that they should be in the Navy. All Navy personal finished, but energy was much reduced, but not the enthusiasm for the challenge.

Norrie Gibson, Stretcher Bearer, Army

What an eventful day!  En route to the Huisrivier Pass, Andrew’s bike fell off the trailer and made it unridable. At De Rust, having just discovered the bike, we also had a fat tyre on the trailer.  Then we smashed the emergency light socket when leaving…. L  Andrew valiantly rode Joyce’s second bike and almost made it up.  I was 4 km up and feeling confident when another flat resulted in a walk run and borrowed wheel to get me up.  Took a while to find my humor, but it was otherwise a beautiful day.

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