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Day 4 of the Second Rob Burton Memorial Ride – 9 Dec 2016

The route:

Barrydale to Stellenbosch, via Montagu, Robertson and Franschhoek.

Highlights of the day:

The day started off fine and sunny, but once we exited the Cogmans Kloof, west of Montagu, it started drizzling and a bit later the rain came.  East of Worcester, we turned south towards Franschhoek and did the Franschhoek Pass in mist and rain, so missed the nice view. Because it was too dangerous, the cyclists got in the cars to go down the pass.

From Franschhoek the whole of Grandads Army rode together to Stellenbosch via the Helshoogte Pass.  The only incident of the trip happened there when Steve wiped out on a railway line.  Luckily he wasn’t hurt badly, a sore hip and a bruise on his face and hand.
It was a fantastic experience and a great achievement by all.

The plan for the rest day on Saturday is a half triathlon by some of the cyclists, a parkrun by some and a hike by others.

On Sunday we do a 85 km circular cycle, the Winelands Tour, all together.

If you want to see more pictures of the Ride, please click here.

Personal highlights of the day.

Sean Rice, Bombardier, Airforce

The fourth day was a long day because of the previous 3 days of riding.I was the only one who stayed permanently with the Salzwedels, so every day I was hanging on. Itried to punish them on the Huisrivier Pass to no avail. Friday was an enjoyable day as the pace was mostly steady.  Franschhoek Pass was a toughie and the rain came belting down, which was a relief.  Helshoogte Pass was a breeze compared.  On the whole I have been to places which I had only heard about, like Graaff-Reinet. Beautiful rugged mountainous countryside with most of the rivers bonedry and I have met a bunch of wonderful crazy people like myself.  Love you all.

Stef Davi, Navy Chaplain, Airforce

One day in the sky “Airforce”. Enjoyed another incredible day of majestic and breath taking sceneries climbing up difficult passes. We experienced great team work with the pros leading the way as we reached the summit in victory as a team with an incredible sense of fulfilled purpose.

Alison Langtree, Sergeant Major (Navy Seal), Navy

A big thank you to the war correspondents for covering this epic adventure which had wind, rain and severe heat!  The navy had no punctures and was plain sailing, except for the flying seat and our Chief Petty Officer being derailed.

Nadine Haynes, support driver, Army

Today was a long day, but the scenery was a pleasure after the dryness of the Karoo. Although we couldn’t get ice at 4.30 am this morning, the day began quite smoothly.  Our team, the Navy, No 1 of course, had a big stage in pouring rain.  When we got to Robertson, Wally and I did an ice run at a garage and also managed to get cappuccinos for the whole team. They really appreciated that by the time their stage was over as they were wet and miserable and cold.  The next stage was good.  Very little rain and smooth ”sailing” with beautiful views. After meeting up with the Army and the Airforce, we travelled together to Stellenbosch from Franschhoek.  This did not start off too well as Steve managed to get his wheel blocked in the railway line and did a tumble.  Later one of the members had a puncture and eventually the end was there!  Day over! Hooray! We have been treated to all 4 seasons on this ride and it has really shown us parts of the country that we haven’t seen before.  Beautiful old fashioned towns with colourful people.   I am very keen to do this trip again as a family tour and to spend more time in each town.  What a pleasure. God protected us all over the past few days and I pray that he continues to do so over the next few. What a privilege to do this and to witness the dedication of these people to raise money for an extremely valuable cause.  Good luck to all of them.

Colin Lazarus, Lance Corporal, Arm

My highlight was to bring everybody safe from East London to Stellenbosch.

Linda Bassingthwaighte, support driver, Army

Today was the best! Franschhoek being my old home so I was really happy to see “my mountains” again. It’s been good spending special time with a bunch of amazing people- driving and being support- such a pleasure! Great organization, fantastic route, lots of fun!!!  Thank you and hope to see you all again.

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