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Children with burns in East London and surroundings.

Unfortunately, children who become victims of severe burns are commonly seen at our hospitals. The time to recovery is often prolonged and is a testing time for the child and the caregiver. Admission may last anything from a few days to weeks and months.
While we strive to manage these children in the best possible way, including surgical intervention when necessary, and to provide care and comfort, our facilities are limited.

The Paediatric Surgical Service manages burns at Frere and Cecilia Makiwane Hospitals. There are 14 beds available for children between the 2 hospitals and on average 200 children per year with severe burns are admitted to our units.

Currently children suffering from burns do not have their own exclusive ward at either hospital. At present, at Frere for example, children who have been burned, are nursed together with adults in a single ward. Three of these are nursed in a tiny side ward and the remainder among the adults. The ward does not have a play area for the children.


The old bath in the burns ward at Frere Hospital.

The old bath in the burns ward at Frere Hospital.

The old shower in the burns ward at Frere Hospital.

The old shower in the burns ward at Frere Hospital.

Burn wounds need to be cleaned and dressed each day, a painful and frightening experience for children. Our present burns bath and shower are not adequate for this purpose.

For the Second Rob Burton Memorial Ride, we aim to raise money to  enhance the Dressing Room care of burnt children in the Frere Hospital Burns Unit.

With regards to surgical intervention, we regularly perform skin grafting for our children. This procedure requires expensive specialised equipment. Over the years, this equipment does break down, requires repair and eventual replacement. With the money raised from last year’s Rob Burton Memorial Ride and a few other fundraisers, we have purchased the essential dermatome and mesher, so both hospitals have the much needed equipment now.

As a Paediatric Surgical Service, we believe we need to develop a modern 10-bedded paediatric burns unit at Frere Hospital, which will have all appropriate facilities and a play area, to allow us to care for children in as child friendly a manner as is possible.
Our children deserve nothing less.

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