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Thursday 26 November 2015, Day 3!


Keurfontein to Barrydale via Oudtshoorn, Calitzdorp and the Huisrivier Pass

Highlights of the day:

We left Willowmore at 4.30 and we started cycling at 5.15. The initial 100 km to De Rust went well and fast. The weather was fine. From De Rust we travelled by car because the road is narrow and potholed. Just after Oudtshoorn we hopped on the bike again, but the rain started just before Calitzdorp. It rained quite heavily at some stage, but it cleared again by the bottom of the Huisrivier Pass. Everybody cycled the pass in good time and was in high spirits when the top was reached. The scenery is stunning. The ride continued to Barrydale, with a coffee stop at Ronnies Sex Shop. Just before the stop it started pouring again. Around 15.30, we were all settled in at our accommodation (Sandy’s Place and Tradouw Guesthouse)


Good cyclist awareness outside Oudtshoorn

Good cyclist awareness outside Oudtshoorn

Grandads Army at the bottom of Huisrivier Pass

Grandads Army at the bottom of Huisrivier Pass

Arthur in the lead up Huisrivier Pass

Arthur in the lead up Huisrivier Pass


Everybody elated for reaching the top of Huisrivier Pass.

Everybody elated for reaching the top of Huisrivier Pass.


Coffee break on the road to Barrydale.

Coffee break on the road to Barrydale.


Personal highlights:

Arthur Salzwedel (Master sergeant)

Loved the scenery. Would have loved to have seen more of the views up Huisrivier, but couldn’t stop in fear of not being able to start again. De Rust area was fantastic.

Jim Armstrong (Rear Admiral)

Maximum respect to the ballies who made it up Huisrivier Pass! 6 km of HEAVY gradients. We even overtook the inter-link en route! Adrenaline was flowing, but tonight there are going to be some sore bodies.

“King of the Mountain” was Uncle Arthur. That man has so much energy, it is frightening! Early this morning we were supposed to be having a group photo and someone mentioned starting the 1st group. Well, all you could see of Arthur was a vapour trail and a faint dot on the horizon.

A magical day all in all.

Rodney Offord (Wing Commander)

Battling against headwind, rain and gradient. The Huisrivier Pass was a great challenge and one had to just grind out the pedals all the way up. The highlight was to know that all the riders did it and got to the top elated.

Alison Langtree (Sergeant Major)

Highlight was watching the incredible Grandads summit Huisrivier Pass. Using Gerald’s words “maximum respect!”. They all did it and smiled at the top. Jimbo (RA) even stopped on the next leg and ran to save a tortoise crossing the road! Absolutely stunning scenery. Welcome to Barrydale with a magnificent rainbow.

Andrew Langtree (Captain)

Willowmore – Barrydale

Started early at 5 am. Very cold 9 degrees C with cold wind. Had a good 32 km first leg. Highlight was the Huisrivier Pass. 10 km to the top. We all did it! Awesome! Sporadic light to medium rain, strong SW headwind the whole way. Re-grouped at Ronnies Sex Shop. Waited a looong time for Richard and Colin, who had an extra-long leg in wind and rain. Puts a new meaning to “grumpy old men”. They were ragged. Good fast stretch to Barrydale. Sandy’s accommodation fantastic!

Colin Lazarus (Lance Corporal)

Just 3 days out from East London finding exhilarating cycling in the Western Cape. Discovering the choice vocabulary used by my cycling companion in the sleet and wind as we headed to Ronnies.

Garth Voigt (Flight Lieutenant)

Made the Huisrivier Pass – No stopping – Whoop Whoop

Richard Bind (Major

My highlight was the entire Army cycling up the Huisrivier Pass. The lowlight was the rain and strong headwind to Ronnies Sex Shop.

Tomorrow we’ll cycle from Barrydale via Robertson, Worcester, Wolseley (Tulbagh area), then down to Wellington and on to Stellenbosch. This may seem like a crazy detour, but it enables us to miss the big highways and heavy traffic.

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