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Sunday 29 November 2015, Day 6!

Highlights of the day:

Grandads Army rode the Stellenbosch Cycle Tour together as a team.  An early start again at 5.30, to start cycling at 7.11 am.  First Hellshoogte Pass, which was swiftly done and then via the outskirts of Paarl towards Wellington and then back towards Stellenbosch, where we finished after 4H 33min.  The only hiccups were Arthur’s puncture and Richard’s broken spoke and buckled wheel.  Excellent reception at the Liberty tent.

The start of the Stellenbosch Cycle Tour 2015.

The start of the Stellenbosch Cycle Tour 2015.

 Just after the finish of the Cycle Tour.

Just after the finish of the Cycle Tour.

Reception and interview at the Coca Cola podium.

Reception and interview at the Coca Cola podium.

Impeccable reception at the Liberty tent.

Impeccable reception at the Liberty tent.

Click here for more pictures of the Liberty 2015 Stellenbosch Cycle Tour.

Personal highlights:

Arthur Salzwedel (Master sergeant)

What can I say? Hot, but great to be able to share the company of great gentlemen and don’t forget the amazing lady who really showed her metal.  Proud to be part of the group.

Jim Armstrong (Rear Admiral)

Today was more of a shine parade, wearing the number one kit and at the same time introducing new recruits to the youth league (mostly because they were worried some of the ballies might not make it). In the end one of the youngsters did have to sacrifice his horse for a senior member (no names).

The VIP Liberty lounge was tested and found exemplary.  The ice cold drinks and snacks evaporated.  As for the whole trip appetites were sharp and did honour to the organization.

Rodney Offord (Wing Commander)

The discipline of riding in a team and trying to keep together brought good camaraderie.  The reception at the end of the race by Liberty was just great.  And the last 40 km we overtook dozens of other riders.  They had obviously not spent the previous 4 days riding 1160 km.

Alison Langtree (Sergeant Major)

Absolutely fantastic end to a special journey – loved the race especially cycling with the strong Grandads and seeing their sons join them.   Wonderful welcoming on the field and the VIP treatment in the Liberty tent.

Andrew Langtree (Captain)

The men did well.  Kept together in formation with military precision.  It was very hot and the Major had a terminal mechanical.  Young Matt sacrificed his horse for the Major to soldier on.  Thereafter we cruised home.  Fantastic finish with interviews on the field and our theme song “Burning bridges” playing.  Kelly’s Heroes were home.  Mission accomplished.  Captain. Over and out.

Colin Lazarus (Lance Corporal)

Relaxed, exhilarating end to our tour.  Easy Stellenbosch Cycle Tour, thanks to being part of a peloton.  What a team! Thanks.

Garth Voigt (Flight Lieutenant)

Last day was amazing to ride the Stellenbosch Cycle Tour with Grandads army – Fantastic end to a great journey. Many enjoyable memories!!!  And Arthur behaved himself.

Richard Bind (Major)

Highlight: broke my spoke and buckled my rear wheel.  I was unable to ride further on that bike.  Luckily my son, Matthew immediately sacrificed his own race and offered me his bike.  First problem was: my shoes did not fit the cleats on the bike, solution to this problem was to swop shoes and timing chips. Unfortunately, Matt’s shoes are one size smaller than mine.  I am now the proud owner of 10 blue toenails.


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