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Grandads Army – Day 2 – Mission Complete

Grandads Army at the Caltex in Graaff Reinet.

A bitterly cold day 2 for the Grandads!

Day two of the Rob Burton Memorial Ride from East London through to Stellenbosch ensured the Army, Navy and Air Force cycled their hearts out just to remain warm. The three groups ventured from Middelburg through to Willowmore along the N9 in 4 degree weather this morning.

Even though it was cold and miserable, spirits remained high, especially when arriving at the Graaff Reinet Caltex where the groups were treated to Seatle Coffee and burgers for breakfast. The day warmed up to a “toasty” 13 degrees before arriving in Willowmore at 15h30 this afternoon.

The staff at The Willow – Historic Inn welcomed every single person with open arms, allocating riders and crew to their rooms in a hospitable manner. Riders and Crew have gathered in the “common room” of this historic building, sharing ‘war stories’ and creating a cozy atmosphere around the fireplace.

All are looking forward to dinner which will be served at 19h00 in the dining hall, along with a well deserved good nights rest before tomorrow’s journey through to Swellendam.

More pictures can be seen here.

Cold and wet weather!

The Navy.















The Army.

The Army in Graaff Reinet.











Nice scenery.


































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