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Burns and Trauma

Fotor_143865504054662Especially, but not exclusively, the winter months are a time of intense activity for the Burns Units at Frere and Cecilia Makiwane Hospitals. Children of all ages and from all over the Eastern Cape are admitted for burns treatment – both acute and also old or neglected and complicated burns.

Burns are treated with both conservative measures as well as early skin grafting where appropriate. Years of experience and use of modern techniques has minimised problems such as blood loss and graft loss due to shearing or infection. The departments of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Dietitics play a key role in the physical and nutritional rehabilitation of these severely injured children.

All kinds of traumatic injuries are seen at our service from blunt chest and abdominal trauma to penetrating injuries, urinary tract injuries, road traffic related trauma and agricultural and animal related trauma.

In keeping with modern trends management follows the ATLS principles and diagnostic and operative interventions are undertaken as per standard trauma protocols.




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