Eyabantwana Hunger Relief Program

In the wake of this international pandemic, it become a great reality that so many starving children and young families would be affected by the shutdowm regulations, over and above the current hunger crisis in South Africa.

The Eyabantwana Trust is a Non Profit Organisation, which provides support to the East London Paediatric Surgical Services, at both the Frere and Cecilia Makiwane Hospitals. With the focus remaining on children, the trustees of the organisation agreed to adjust their objectives to accommodate the wider children based community in East London, that are desperate for food.

Through this programme we are hoping to save as many children and young families as we possibly can from starvation during this COVID 19 Pandemic

Together with the funds raised from this year’s Grandads Army Memorial Ride, the Eyabantwana Trust has allocated R500 000 towards our hunger relief program. These funds will be distributed over the next 6 months, to organisations that fit within our selection criteria.

A selection criteria was designed, on who could benefit from this fund. Including the fact that no funds are transferred into the other NPO’s account, instead grocery items are purchased on their behalf and delivered.

This program has been set to run over the next 6 months, however may be extended if specified funding is received to support the Eyabantwana Hunger Relief Programme.

The Eyabantwana Trust will continue supporting the Paediatric Surgical Services of East London, as its core focus. The Hunger Relief Program is simply a step that has been taken to aid those children and families with young children within the East London community that are in dire need of food items.

By funding this campaign, you will enable our organisations to supply food to even more young families and children in need.

Through a strategic selection criteria, the funds allocated for the Eyabantwana Hunger Relief Program are distributed by means of food items to the following organisations families:

Kings Children Home (Glen Eden)

Breath of Life

Helping Those in Need

Greensleeves Trust

Loaves & Fishes Network East London

Guardians of Hope

African Angels


By providing food parcels and groceries to the above-mentioned organisation, the Eyabantwana Hunger Relief Program has provided support to:

1400 Young Families in need, within the East London Area

130 Children & Babies in need, homed through NPO’s mentioned above


In conjunction with members from the Grandads Army and volunteers, food parcels are packed twice a month for the relevant beneficiaries.

How you can get involved:

Make a Donation

Pack Parcels

Donate Food Items / Produce


Without the media assisting us in generating exposure for this Eyabantwana Hunger Relief Program, we would not be able to assist as many families as we already have. Thank you to those who have supported our campaign, and spread the word for us.


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