Our Team & Facilities

More about The Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service:

Founded in 1995, as the referral centre for the Eastern Cape, the Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service provides surgical care for newborns and infants with complex congenital problems; children with cancer; children with burns and others who have been injured; and many other surgical conditions in older children.

The Paediatric Surgical Service in East London (South Africa) serves a population of approximately 5 million people with children being referred from virtually all regions of the Eastern Cape. As a result our centre has now become one of the four largest children’s surgical centers in Southern Africa.

Currently the medical staff comprise 3 consultant paediatric surgeons; two registrars in paediatric surgery training, one further senior surgeon and a variable number of junior doctors.

Apart from a heavy clinical work load, continued medical education, academic interaction for current staff and training of the future surgeons is an important aspect of each week’s work.

Meeting the paediatric surgical needs one of South Africa’s poorest provinces is a major challenge. Budgetary constraints have until now restricted our capacity to upgrade our facilities.


The Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Service and therefore also the paediatric patients of the Eastern Cape will benefit hugely from the success of the Eyabantwana: For the Children Trust.

Our mandate as expressed in our Trust Deed is to raise funds for the development of a sustainable children’ surgical service at the East London hospitals through:

The acquisition of surgical instruments and equipment, medical material and devices as well as related and relevant information technologies.

The refurbishment of facilities

The education and training of staff involved in the provision of children surgical care as well as outreach programmes in the province.

The Eyabantwana – For The Children Trust is a not for profit trust. (NPO 101-741)

Trustees and those involved in the Trusts affairs provide their time and work on a pro bono basis. Other than auditing fees and out of pocket expenses, all money raised is used for the purposes above.